Right-handed or Left-handed

When the situation calls for an examination, it is always of the utmost importance to check if it is possible to know if the criminal was right-handed or not. If it is possible, it can tell a clue about the criminal, or it can show a discrepancy, which in turn shows whether the criminal was faking being left-handed or not, for reasons such as incriminating another person or just to avoid being suspicious -especially with left-handed people. First of all, lefties are able to control the right hand much easier than righties try to do it the other way around. Secondly, lefties are way lower in numbers, whcih attracts unwanted attention. In some cases, the ability to determine this fact efficiently can get someone arrested or eliminated from the suspicion list. In the book “The XYZ Murders” by Ellery Queen, there are two murders, the x and z ones, that present cases, in which it was indispensable to know the differences between fake leads and right facts shown by left or right-handedness. In the case of X, Mr. Dewitt, an accused man of commiting murder, is saved from the capital punishment when Mr. Druly Lane, voiced by Dewitt’s lawyer, explains how it was impossible for Dewitt to have used his right hand, and therefore, it is impossible for him to throw a body weighting about 250 pounds out of the ferry; hence, Dewitt cannot be the criminal. In the Z murder, a convict, a man without fully use of his right hand and eye for ten years, is accused of a crime he did not commit;even though there is no physical proof, by the inspired deductions of Patience Thumn and Drury Lane, it is shown how the culprit used his left hand to incriminate the convict, who had just been released and has learned (apparently unconciously) to be left-handed out of necesity. The contradiction presents itself when some prints suggest that the killer is actually right-handed; thus, the convict cannot be the criminal. It is quite understandable that many other cases are and will continuing to appear since it is something that people do without a second thought, something that is difficult to cover, something that people sometimes completely forget.


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